The goal of Public Relations is supporting and managing the reputation of companies and brands. Through CSR activities and employer branding, it is possible to acquire and build lasting relationships with customers and contractors very efficiently.

The OBTK team will assist you both in your online activities and in your internal and external communication.

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We support you in building relationships with the surrounding community and reputation management. We tell stories that engage audiences, inspire and make an impact. We combine public relations with marketing activities. We reach various target groups effectively.

We use proven solutions while continually reaching for new ones. We share our knowledge, and we follow the latest trends. Together with several dozen partners from 5 continents, we make up the ECCO International Communications Network.



We are seasoned consultants and efficient contractors. This enables us to develop valuable strategies and effectively reach various target groups.


We inspire and seek new solutions. This makes it possible for our clients to take pride in unconventional, creative designs.


We are agile and flexible, and we listen. We guarantee our support in difficult and unexpected situations.


The OBTK team has a wide range of competencies. Our client gains access to knowledge and skills useful in many activities and projects.


We focus on the quality of collaboration, partners and content. This enables us to create valuable projects and solutions.
Nie boimy się wyzwań!

We are not afraid of challenges!

We are not afraid of challenges and demanding projects. We make our clients feel confident and safe.


We combine services traditionally provided by PR agencies, content marketing and social media. We believe that integrated actions yield better results, support our clients' development, and result in measurable effects of conducted activities and work satisfaction.
Zarządzanie reputacją w Warszawie

Reputation management

These days, the volume and speed of information are a considerable challenge in reputation management, accounting for up to 90% of a company's value. Therefore, we assist our clients in building effective strategies and action plans. We conduct research and audits. We protect the brand in times of crisis.
Employee advocacy w Warszawie

Employee advocacy

No one can promote a company better than its employees. That is why we have supported our clients for years in creating and running campaigns that engage employees and build the employer's brand. We help select the best ambassadors, engage them, build the story and tell it inside and outside your organisation.
Virtual events w Warszawie

Virtual events

Webinars, conferences, press briefings, training courses. Our experienced experts prepare and moderate events of various scales – from a dozen participants to several hundred people. We develop dedicated scenarios, create materials, promote events in on-line channels.
Zarządzanie profilami korporacyjnymi w Warszawie

Corporate profile management

The importance of CEO and expert communication is increasing with every passing month. We help our clients manage relationships on LinkedIn and Twitter, develop our clients' content strategy, manage profiles and create attractive content and help with effective targeting and image building.
Zarządzanie kryzysowe w Warszawie

Crisis management

An increasing number of communication directors believe that their company may face an image crisis that will significantly affect financial performance. We create procedures to be implemented at the time of crisis. We are effective in monitoring content, creating scenarios and managing crisis situations.
Insighty i badania w Warszawie

Insights and research

We create campaigns and content based on insights and research. We recognise needs, identify problems, seek answers to questions. We communicate with clients, employees, media and partners using modern tools. We follow the latest trends.
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