Approximately 97% of Polish Internet users choose the Google search engine. Therefore, for most companies, visibility in Google and search engine traffic are among the key marketing goals. Our SEO and Content Marketing Teams will help your website achieve a strong position in Google.

We have experience in both SEO promotion of companies, as well as building brand expertise and activities related to Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM). We operate in Poland, but we can also improve your position in other markets.

Agencja SEO w Warszawie


OBTK has been a leading agency on the Polish SEO market for many years. We specialise in obtaining organic traffic from Google, combining our activity with Public Relations, Content Marketing and Social Media services. Supported by web analytics and proprietary tools, we provide great results for our clients; this translates into increased sales volumes and greater recognition of their brands in Google.


Thanks to our actions, the websites we handle note a very fast search engine organic traffic increase. By combining SEO and PR, we also foster our clients' positive online image.


Our SEO Team has extensive experience in this area of expertise. Our specialists have gained experience in positioning websites of both small and large, Polish and foreign companies. Their experience includes content marketing and e-commerce.


The strength of our SEO team lies in reaching beyond the traditional SEO. We also offer services improving UX and content expansion in our clients’ blog sections.


Our agency is always up-to-date with the latest industry trends and Google algorithm updates. We also create our own, proprietary tools to help us analyse the results and ensure the best performance.


Our team uses modern tools, which effectively help deliver appropriate KPIs to the clients. We also organise integral SEO training sessions for our clients’ teams – we are happy to share our knowledge.
Synergia Działań

Synergy of Actions

Thanks to a combination of three competencies: PR, SEO and Social Media, we can provide you with a full suite of complementary Internet services, increasing the effectiveness of each action by up to 30%.


Effective SEO is a result of passion and long-term, patient, planned work with attention to detail. We start with the big picture and strategic goals, but we also pay attention to technical details along the way to achieve the best results.

What can we offer you?
Audyt SEO w Warszawie

SEO Audit

Thanks to our thorough audit, you will see your website's shortcomings, which can be eliminated to improve positioning, increase traffic and boost sales.
Optymalizacja On-site w Warszawie

On-site optimisation

Your website must be visible for those inquiries which you find valuable. Thanks to constant optimisation of your website, its position in Google will grow rapidly.
Optymalizacja Off-site w Warszawie

Off-site optimisation

Natural and effective link-building for your website is half the battle. An adequately planned process of acquiring high-quality links will positively impact the positioning of your website.
SERM w Warszawie


SERM stands for Search Engine Reputation Management. Online reviews are becoming increasingly important for businesses. We help manage the image of brands, people or specific products in search results.
E-commerce w Warszawie


SEO activities are key to e-commerce. Thanks to our SEO Team’s work, month by month, you will notice an increased conversion rate and visits resulting from inquiries relevant for your company.
Analiza konkurencji w Warszawie

Competition analysis

Thanks to thorough competition analysis, we will help you stay one step ahead. You will learn about the technologies used by your competitors, which phrases they cover with their content, how to reach their clients and how to defend your business's key positions.
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