There are at least several hundred businesses offering “social media communication” in Poland. They do differ. From brand manager’s or marketing manager’s point of view, the choice is really tough at times.

Social media agencies in Poland – landscape

Not so long ago there were no social media agencies at all in Poland. Generally, it all started approximately 10 years ago. First businesses of this specialization emerged. Almost 10 years ago, in 2009 agency On Board Think Kong was established as well. Looking from the outside one could distinguish few types of businesses taking care of social media. Apart from few specialized businesses (including our own) many other PR agencies, advertisement agencies and interactive agencies started using “social media” slogan. Even media agencies and bigger media publishers started offering social media communication.

3 reasons to choose highly specialized agency just like ours

There are many reasons why a highly specialized expert is better than somebody who seems to know just about everything. That’s why I will mention three reasons I consider most important. If you want to choose social media agency in Poland please take them all into consideration:

Knowledge and experience of the team

If you have a driving license for a year theoretically you move around the city just like the experienced driver. But wet road or higher speed is all it takes to show that experience can save your life. With social media marketing, it’s mostly the same. During 10 years of work for over 100 different companies out team faced thousands of difficult situations and helped with solving them. You should expect experience from the agency you choose.

Own tools

Theoretically, all agencies use mostly the same set of software. Some analytics program (Social Bakers etc.), work organization systems (Asana, Trello) Specialization though allows investing in own proprietary tools which give clients unique possibilities. That’s why in On Board Think Kong we develop our own system of analyzing blog campaigns or system for early detection of atypical behavior on our clients’ social media profiles. Ask your agency of choice about their own tools.

Experience with international social media clients

If you want to entrust polish agency communication with polish clients make sure the agency is equal to the task. It’s all about efficiency of cooperation, implementation of global requirements, understanding informational politics and for example brand positioning strategies. Highly specialized agencies like Think Kong made it through many projects of that type. On Board Think Kong is also a co-founder of the first European network of social media agencies BOX Network Europe. Implementing us into your communication might be easier than you think.

Why should you choose social media agency OBTK?

We really care about our clients’ satisfaction. With many of them we work for years. We don’t care about fast sales. From the very beginning we believe that it is quality and trust that really matters. Not only with relation to clients but also our team. Many consultants work with us for years. So what? Maybe it’s time to try Think Kong? Write to today 🙂