Nowadays, effective social media communication with clients on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok is essential. We help plan such communication, set realistic, achievable goals and implement activities which support our clients’ businesses.

The achieved results can be measured in concrete numbers: new clients, satisfied consumers, increased brand awareness and brand preference.

Agencja Social Media w Warszawie


Social media activities are our agency's key specialisation area. For many years, we have been helping our clients communicate with their clients in social media and achieve sales, image and recruitment goals using that platform.

Our focus is on partnership. We perceive our role slightly differently than many other social media agencies. We don't just focus on creating compelling entries. We advise on social media strategies. We help evaluate past activities and train internal social media teams within companies.

Our agency handles the social media presence of companies both in Poland and other countries. For many clients, we coordinate social media activities in several markets. By cooperating with multilingual teams, we reach consumers on all continents.



We are not guided only by the appeal of a given communication method, but, above all, by its effectiveness. Each post has to fit within a strategy ensuring the achievement of our clients’ business goals. We create and implement social media strategies for our clients.


We take full responsibility for the projects we handle. We take the initiative and provide inspiration, new ideas and new directions. We create an outline of content to be created, provide proposals, take care of its quality and timeliness; we develop an internal knowledge base and multimedia libraries for your products and services.


It is the special sauce of every project that ultimately impacts the effectiveness of social media messages and makes them stick. Our creative department ensures that your messages will always be fresh and engaging.


We measure the results of our actions. We define the KPIs in line with the goals and periodically verify if we are following the optimal path. We often commission additional studies and use the measurement tools offered by Facebook and Google.


Communication is a constant process. We take responsibility for the projects we handle and, throughout each project, we are continually looking for better, more effective solutions. Our reports include not only numbers but also recommendations.
Integracja Działań

Action Integration

Social media accounts for only one of the communication channels we use, and we combine it with other channels. We think that integrating social media with other activities greatly improves the effectiveness of each of them and yields more results.


As a social media agency, we make sure you get the most out of social media by reaching millions of clients, engaging them, building recognition, selling. See what we can offer your company – let’s talk cooperation.
Audyt SM w Warszawie

SM Audit

We help companies identify the weak points of their activities on many levels: technical, visual, narrative, advertising. We offer social media communication audits.
Strategia i kreacja w Warszawie

Strategy and creation

Every company that wants to operate in social media should start with preparing a strategy. We work with our clients by creating strategies for their social media channels, which they will implement on their own or with our help.
Kampanie reklamowe w Warszawie

Advertising campaigns

It is hard to achieve spectacular social media results without allocating funds to advertising. That is why we carry out campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, which increase reach and generate traffic and boost sales.
Prowadzenie profili w Warszawie

Running social media profiles

We run our clients’ profiles/pages on the largest social networks. We handle multiple languages, engaging thousands of consumers and take care of planning, prepare content, moderate, reply to comments and messages.
Boty w Warszawie


We design, create scenarios, programme and implement chat bots on Messenger. We save customer service employees' time, engage in unusual activations, and build separate channels for systematic communication with consumers.
Influencer marketing w Warszawie

Influencer marketing

We complement our social media activities by collaborating with content creators: youtubers, bloggers, instagrammers, tiktokers. We help select the right influencers, negotiate good terms of cooperation and suggest ideas for using the brand-influencer collaboration.
Agencja SMM w Warszawie